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The Spirit Tech Hub arms developers like you with the information and techniques they can use to live an even more fulfilling career.

If you are a developer you are probably more than aware of how in demand your skills are right now. In fact, it’s the industry’s worst kept secret that this is an employee’s market and looks set to stay that way for the foreseeable future. The World Economic Forum forecasts that at least 133 million new roles will be generated in the software development space globally by 2022. 

How can you make sure you are maximising your earning power and taking your career in the direction you want it to go, without being hassled by recruiters trying to sell you a role you aren’t interested in? Don’t worry, we know you get approached all the time. We also know you don’t want to hear about 9 out of 10 opportunities they’re selling. We promise not to be those guys.

developer recruitment Dublin
recruit developers Dublin

Maybe you’re not even looking for a move but just want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the market.

Maybe you just want to stay current in new technology trends.

Maybe you just want the option to dip your toe in the water and know what’s going on with other developers and hiring companies.

Maybe you just want to hear from the experts now and again about what technology is hot right now.

Simply being tapped into the market is a great place to start when thinking about career advancement. Just join the Spirit Career Advancement Club, get access to our resources, and we won’t ask for anything in return. Maybe if you like what we’re doing and the content we’re providing you then you’ll consider partnering with us when it does become time to look for your next move. And when that time comes, we’ll make sure to help you negotiate the right package with the right company.

Maybe you’ll even recommend us to a friend.

We work with hundreds of developers helping them with career advancement and have seen it all – developers that are paid less than they’re worth, caught in the trap of not staying up on the latest technology and developers who keep advancing their career doing more exciting work year after year.